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Trap at PMSC

PMSC has some of the best trap facilities in the area including a new shelter between Traps 2 and 3. Trap participation is growing, so come out and join us. Trap practice is at 10am Saturday (weather permitting) and is open to the public. These practices are low-key, and all shooters from beginners to the experienced are welcome. All you need is a shotgun (modified or full choke recommended), shells with 7-1/2 or 8 shot, and eye/ear protection. If you don't have a shotgun, bring some factory shells (12 gauge, 7-1/2 or 8 shot) and someone will loan you a gun or you can use a club gun (small cleaning fee). We also participate in the Tuesday evening Westmoreland Trap League with Trafford, Shaner, and Herminie which lasts for twenty weeks through the summer. PMSC permits members who have had an orientation from the Trap Commander to open a trap field for practice any day from 9am to 9pm, except for special event conflicts. Trap orientation is held at 9:15am on the first Saturday of the month (email Don at in advance if you plan to attend an orientation).


8th Annual Steel City Championship - 2014

FINAL RESULTS: Click read more below.

Indoor Pistol Range Orientation

There will be no orientation on Thursday, July 4th.

To use the indoor pistol range you must first take an orientation class offered by either Steve Davidson (412-720-7609 or or Jeff Lipsitz (412-228-9189 or These brief courses are offered on the first and third Thursday of each month at 5:30 p.m. by Steve Davidson by appointment only and on the first and third Saturday of each month at noon by Jeff Lipsitz by appointment only. After you take the orientation class your access card will be coded into the reader for the indoor range. If you have any questions or encounter any problems on the indoor pistol range contact Steve.

Weekly skeet night

It's starting to warm up and the daylight is lasting longer, so I wanted to remind everyone that skeet night is every Thursday night 6:30pm-9pm on the skeet field (weather permitting). You'll need your own ammo (#7.5 shot or smaller). If you don't have your own shotgun, there's usually someone willing to share a gun with a first-timer, and the club also has 12ga shotguns available in exchange for a small cleaning fee (only factory ammo allowed in club guns). The cost is $3.50 per round. Also, if you're a member who would like to be able to shoot skeet at your convenience, come on a Thursday night, and I will give you a short orientation on the operation of the skeet field. For more information, contact Kenny Riddile at


Youth Archery Lesson

Youth archery lessons are Monday nights for 7pm - 8pm.

To enroll: Please contact Robert Yusko at 412-403-2193 or

Attention Reloaders: BRASS SALE

For brass list contact: Miguel Turovsky at or 412-401-8792.

CMP – Civilian Marksmanship Program

CMP Shoot, on the outdoor rifle range, from 9-11AM, the first Sunday of every month.
These shoots are open to the public.
Any military rifle with iron sights can be used. This includes AR's, Garands, AK's, SKS's, 1903's, K98's and any other military arm.
The club has M1 Garands, AR 15's , and M1 Carbines that can be used free of charge with the purchase of club ammo ($20/52 rounds).
Due to the increased costs and short supplies of ammo, club ammo is only for use in club guns. Only club ammo is to be used in club guns.


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