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Skeet/trap field closures

The skeet field will be closed May 12th through May 14th while new machines are installed. It will reopen Sunday May 15th.

Both the skeet and trap fields will be closed June 4th and 5th due to an archery event.

New membership is currently closed until further notice

New membership is currently closed until further notice.
We (The Board of Directors and Officers) are working on replacing our membership committee and smooth out the process. We will post to the website when Membership reopens

Thank You

Introduction to CMP

An introduction to the Civilian Marksmanship class is being held at PMSC on May 22nd 2016. Learn marksmanship fundamentals with a service rifle. Learn how to Shoot from the standing, sitting, and kneeling positions. Learn the basics of sight alignment, natural point of aim, trigger pull, and breathing techniques to permit you to put precisely aimed shots on target at 100 yards. Classroom and live fire. Preregistration is required and seating is limited.

Please contact Don Hawkins at


Follow this link to the PMSC forum for more information:

Weekly skeet night

It's starting to warm up and the daylight is lasting longer, so I wanted to remind everyone that skeet night is every Thursday night 6pm-9pm on the skeet field (weather permitting). You'll need your own shells (#7.5 shot or smaller), or 12ga shells can be purchased from the club for $7.50 per box. If you don't have your own shotgun, there's usually someone willing to share a gun with a first-timer, and the club also has 12ga shotguns and 20ga youth shotguns available. A limited supply of free 20ga shells is also available for youth shooters. The cost is $3.50 per round of skeet (25 targets). Also, if you're a member who would like to be able to shoot skeet at your convenience, come on a Thursday night, and I will give you a short orientation on the operation of the skeet field. For more information, contact Kenny Riddile at


PMSC Gun Ticket, 40 guns 40 days, 11 April to 20 May 2016

PMSC Gun Ticket, 40 guns 40 days, On sale now
Please support by either buying one or selling some.
Selling a pack of 10 is considered a work party


2nd Amendment Rally in Harrisburg

You can also click here to sign up.

Apply Now for NRA Youth Scholarships!

The PMSC Forum has been updated...

The PMSC Forum has been updated with new security measures as well as new features that make it much more user friendly.
If you are a member please use the forum as a resource to see what is happening, as well as to add suggestions to improve our club

Steel City Championship video

To get everyone geared up for this summer's 2015 Steel City Championship, here's some video from last year's event to let you know what it's all about:

Trap at PMSC

PMSC has five available trap fields. Trap practice is on Saturdays from 10 am until 1 or 2 pm and is open to the public. Practice is held year round weather permitting (25 degrees and rising and no pouring rain). The cost is $3.50/round of 25 targets. These practices are low key and all shooters from beginners to the experienced are welcome. All you need is a shotgun (modified or full choke recommended), shells with 7 1/2 or 8 shot, and eye/ear protection. If you don’t have a shotgun, bring some factory shells (12 gauge, 7 1/2 or 8 shot) and someone will loan you a gun or you can use a club gun (small cleaning fee). We also plan to have some items on the schedule such as days to pattern shotguns, perhaps beginner days, and other variations on the standard trap practice. These may include handicap, doubles or various games if there is any interest. So come out to trap practice Saturdays at 10 am and let us know your ideas. Attendance is picking up with the improved weather and we will soon open multiple traps. To hear about any upcoming trap news/events at PMSC, email Jack at and ask to be added to the trap email list.

Members of Pitcairn-Monroeville can obtain keys to open traps on their own. This requires attendance at an orientation to explain the trap machines, safe operation, and payment procedures. Orientations will be held on the first Saturday of the month at 9:15 am. Please email in advance if you plan to attend. Traps 4 and 5 are available for members all year. Trap 3 is also available to members except during the trap league season (April through September). Traps 1 and 2 are reserved for scheduled events and not available for general member use. If you have trouble with one of the traps please email me at or Rick Singer at

PMSC participates in the Westmoreland Trap League starts April 12 at Shaner. If you are interested all you have to do is show up Tuesdays. It is a 50 bird 16 yard league shooting from 5pm until done and runs until the end of August. It is shot at Pitcairn-Monroeville, Shaner, Herminie and Trafford. For information about joining the league, come to a Saturday practice or email Jack at



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