CMP Class September 2016

Civilian Marksmanship class is being held at PMSC on Sunday September 18th 2016 (9am-noon) at the PMSC Rifle Range. Learn marksmanship fundamentals with a service rifle. Learn how to Shoot from the standing, sitting, and prone positions.
Learn how to use a sling, sight alignment, and natural point of aim. Instruction and live fire (60 rounds of ammo needed)

Participants can use their own rifles (AR15 with either a military web or M1917 sling). Please make sure your rifle is sighted in for 100 yards.
If you prefer to use a M1 Garand for this class, feel free to bring it. If you don’t have a rifle the club will provide a M1 Garand at no cost (request at registration). 30.06 ammo must be purchased from the club (at .50 a round) if you use a club M1 Garand. 30.06 ammo is also available for purchase (at .50 a round) for those bringing their own M1 Garand.

PMSC Members Only
Cost: $20 per person
Preregistration is required
Class will be limited to 10 participants
Shooting mats and targets will be provided
Eye and Ear protection is required (ear plugs recommended instead of ear muffs)

Please contact:
Don Hawkins -
Follow this link to the PMSC forum for more information: